Three More Years… そろそろ永住権?

Three More Years…  そろそろ永住権?

Visas can be one of the most stressful part of living in Japan. Today I talk about what’s going on with mine, and my trajectory is leading at this point in time. After 13 years in Japan, will I live here forever? Will I aim for permanent residency? What is my current visa status? Click WATCH to find out!
My “visa lawyer” (I actually call her a 行政書士 gyosei shoshi, but visa lawyer is much easier to understand.)
Maico Ono
^ If you are looking for options post graduation, beyond English teaching, are looking to transition into an investors, startup, or relatively obscure visa, or are in a tricky situation that isn’t easily classifiable through online research, definitely send her an e-mail. This isn’t sponsored at all, I’ve just used her for three years now, and she’s the only person I consulted who didn’t just tell me to get married because it was “easier”. 🙂
**Obviously this is for Fukuoka residents (and greater Kyushu), sorry I can’t help recommend someone for Tokyo. But if you are looking, I encourage you to talk to multiple people before choosing who to go with.
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